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TexJoy Seasonings and Seaport Coffee
There's nothing we love more than hearing from our friends, customers, and fans. See some comments below from our Facebook page, from letters, faxes, emails, and even hand-written notes. We value your opinions and comments, so please share yours today with an email on our contact page. Enjoy!

"I use the taco seasoning for chili, chicken tortilla soup, taco soup, enchilada gravy, carnitas for tamales, and shredded beef for burritos!"  -  Jason M. 11/07/13

"We love TexJoy! We use all the herbs and Seasonings in our Food. We are proud to use such a great product."  - Jack's Pak-It 11/04/13

"Steak seasoning works with everything! Love it"  - MaryAnn R. 08/07/13

"love me some TexJoy on my french fries" - Brandon C. 06/23/13

"...I use Tex-Joy EVERYDAY!!!!!!"  -  Kim A. 08/05/12

"I live in Florida now but I still use Texjoy! I just made some homemade smoked sausage with the Texjoy Sausage Seasoning. Incredible!!!!!!" - S. Robin 06/06/12

"Got some of the 50% less sodium Steak Seasoning this week. Still great stuff. Love it on grits and the cucumbers fresh out of the garden."  - R. Hamm 06/06/12

"love that steak seasoning - put it on everything" - L. Thompson 06/15/12

"Texjoy is ALWAYS in our spice cabinet. And we have lived in 6 states! It is the best!" - Bill F. 02/2012

"I put this on EVERYTHING! I don't think I could cook without it. It's MY secret ingredient."  - Leigh S. 02/2012

"This stuff tastes great on deer backstrap!" - Paul G. 01/2012

"Saltgrass seasoning is the best steak seasoning I have ever had...Thank you"  - Neena B. 01/2012

"It [Seaport Coffee] Kick-starts my morning EVERY Morning !!!!"  - R. Lynn 01/2012

"I CANT have hard boiled eggs without my TexJoy"  - Audrye C. 12/2011

"Don't forget; rub your turkey real good with TexJoy BBQ Seasoning and smoke it. They go wild for it here in Oklahoma. " - Lee B. 11/2011

"Grilled onions & peppers seasoned with TexJoy Steak Seasoning mixed into scrambled eggs with feta, toast and decaf coffee! Yummy!" - Olivia M. 11/2011

"My boyfriend, who is from the Dallas area, is stationed in San Diego and got to try TexJoy Steak Seasoning and he LOVES it! That is all we cook with."  - Holly A. 10/2012

-On the new TexJoy Coffee: "Here's some details - it's freakin awesome! My favorite coffee EVER!" - Kimberly B. 10/2011

"Had your TexJoy Sausage last week, cooked it on a charcoal grill, and it was excellent! Will definitely be buying again!" - Barbara G. 10/2011

"I finally found Texjoy at a sports shop in El Paso for a friend while on vacation there to see folks..." - H. Smit 10/2011

"I have a cabinet full of TexJoy at all times now. I use it on nearly everything & to make my secret rib rub which everyone loves. My Grandfather-In-Law also as an award winning rib recipe that he uses TexJoy in. " - A. Williams 10/2011

"I really enjoy your TexJoy Old Fashion Sausage Seasoning. We put with lean beef; barely any grease that way. We couldn' t tell it wasn' pork..."  - Susan D. 10/2011

"Hands down, the best Italian seasoning on the market! I've tried many but this one packs the flavor profile I was looking for."  - Dennis B. 09/15/2011

"OK TexJoy i'm addicted..I got a ole Navy buddy...who sent me some of your products.I like your BBQ rub with Cajun seasoning on my chicken an ribs.."  - Larry F. 09/2011

"My husband loves the taste of the new (TexJoy) sausages in my beans and rice. Thanks Tex Joy for making my job of keeping my husband happy a little bit easier ;)" - Reneé L. 08/2011

"A lil taste of Texas if u haven't tried it ur really missin' out!"  - Justina M. T. 07/11

" the beach we marinate our shrimp in [TexJoy] steak seasoning...then grill 'em....YUMMMM!!!! Love your seasonings!!!!!" - K. Hampton 07/11

"I always use your steak seasoning on everything, including fries! Also your mesquite shake in a stew or roast, lemon pepper is a must."   - R. Joe 07/11

"25 years drinking SEAPORT COFFEE AND COUNTING!!!!! ONLY WAY TO WAKE UP!!"  - Mel M. 07/11

"I put your seasons on more than just meats.I throw it on scrambled eggs, pizza.... I even put on ice cream. I saw this Denny's commercial for bacon ice cream, tried it liked it added Tex Joy...liked more."  - Jeff B.   05/2011

"1st place Ribs and a spot in the National Championship in Meridian Texas. TexJoy we are your team!!" (NAPA Auto Parts 2nd Annual Cookoff)  - Fat Ash BBQ Team   05/2011

"I'm so thankful we have an Academy near Huntsville, AL in Decatur where we can purchase TexJoy!!!"  - Kathryn F.  05/2011

"Part of my Pit-Action plan...always!!"  - Kevin V.  04/2011

"This rub is so good I have used it at cook offs and won with it. As a matter of fact I won third in ribs at the last cook off and plan to use it in two weeks at our next cook off."  - EJ G.  04/2011

"Steak Shake is hands down one of the best dry rubs on the market!"  - A. Davenport  04/2011

"We enjoyed another successful nite of CRAWFISH cooking and EATING using TexJoy products at the PaceSetter Lounge Beaumont...SOLD OUT in 1 hour!!!!"  - Pace Setter Lounge  02/2011

"1 cup frozen corn, 1 tbsp butter, salt, pepper, & the secret ingredient (Texjoy Steak seasoning). Every time I make it, people ask me about the amazing seasoning i put in the corn."   - Scott F. 02/2011

 "...just have to have steak seasoning or it doesn't taste right."     - Sheila H. 01/2011

 "...the black pepper by Tex Joy. It taste like fresh ground pepper in a container."     - M. Chambers 12/2010

"It's one of the special ingredients in my awesome Bloody Mary's." - Melissa P. 11/2010

TJ (Tex Joy) all over the Thanksgiving turkey before he goes into the oven! - S. Findlay  11/2010

we have two coffee makers that sit side by side, and Seaport is the only thing that goes in them!"  - L. Lackey  10/2010

It was a great day when I discovered I could buy Tex Joy in Huntsville, Alabama."  - K. Franklin  10/2010

 "Tell your local grocer...they'll sell out quick!!"     - Raymond L. 9/2010

"...can't do Labor Day without Tex Joy....that would just be WRONG!!!!"   - Fay C. 08/30/2010

"Every morning is a decaf Seaport morning. Can't start my day without it."  - Ann C. 08/2010

"I love this stuff....Cannot be without my TexJoy."        - G. M. 8/2010

"I love the fact that I can get it with no still taste great."     - Judy P. 8/2010

"Thankfully, I can order my TexJoy online since my favorite spice brand is not available here in Arizona!"    - Victor M. 7/31/10

"I got a sampler pack with a few different spice mixes in it and the Mesquite one was the first to get used up.. very very good!!"    - Charlie B. 7/16/10

"TexJoy Steak Seasoning. What can I say about it? I keep a bottle in my glove compartment."   - Jennifer C.W. 7/10

"I used some of this on ribs for the 4th and they were DELICIOUS!!!!"     - Miriam  M. 0710

"I cannot cook without the steak seasoning!!!!!!!! Love the chilli powder too!"     - Pattie B.  06/10

"Great Guacamole: 2 diced avacados, 1 finely diced roma tomato, 1 clove garlic chopped very finely, juice of one lime, 1 teaspoon Tex-Joy."  - Lauri G. 05/24/10

"Use it in your potato salad. Yummm."    - Carol N.  05/21/10

"I've been drinking Seaport since I was a baby...2 months old and my grannie was feeding me coffee with cream and sugar from a spoon..."   - Carrie T.

"You need to try Seaport's Spindletop Roast whole bean coffee. I made my first pot of this the other day and it is SO GOOD"  - Dave B.  4/10

"My Spice Cabinet has all TexJoy Seasonings, would use no other"     - Hazel B. 04/08/10

"The freshness of TexJoy Black pepper cannot 'be beat.' My husband does the baking and he really likes the White Vanilla."    - Anita F. 04/05/10

"Have Joy will travel, it goes where I go!"    - Carlos D.  03/16/2010

"If you are not cooking with TexJoy Steak Seasoning, you are not cooking. I use it on roast in the crockpot and it is great !!!"   - Sherrill L. 03/10

"Best Coffee to be had !!! Starbucks just wishes it was this good."  - D. Williams 03/10

"I don't drink coffee, but, Seaport always did smell good. I think my parents must have owned stock in the place, as much coffee as they drank..." Carrol A. 02/2010

"Don't start my day without my two cups of this great stuff [Seaport coffee]! Our oldest granddaughter loved this as a young child, drank it from her "Minnie Mouse" cup..."   - Ginger R. 2010

"All we use is Mesquite Shake. We placed 5th in ribs and 14th overall in Houston last year"    - Cory N.  01/02/10

"You know its good when you're willing to do without another brand of spice until you can get more TexJoy."   - Sarah L. 07/09

"We never eat steaks out as they just aren't as good as the ones made with the Texjoy Steak Seasoning. ...AWESOME stuff!"     - Regina G. 03/2009

"They are always fresh and never clumpy or salty." - David D.  05/09

"From Popcorn to meat, it is the best seasoning on the face of the earth."  - Charles C.   01/31/09

"It's a staple in my house! It's great in scrambled eggs too!"     -  Melinda M. 01/14/09

"Thank goodness Academy carries this seasoning now."    - Alicia P. 01/08/09

"Tex-Joy was one of the only items I had my family send to me while stationed in Germany."   - C. Lowrey  01/02/09

 "Best stuff! Covers my cooking blunders and makes everything taste sooo much better!"  - L. Pond   12/21/08

"Highly addictive & great on everything from soup to scrambled eggs to popcorn & more!!"  -  Lori W.  12/19/08

 "Good thing Jason's Deli sells TexJoy in Dallas, or I wouldn't have anything to put on my apples."  - Eric J.12/16/08

"...the crab boil is amazing"  - Lauren  K. 12/14/08


December 5, 2008

Good Morning,

It is five a.m. on this brisk December day. While writing this I am sipping on a steamy hot cup of dark roasted Seaport Coffee. Ahh, ca c’est bon!

My name is Revola LaBlanc – Carrire and I live near Sulphur, LA. I just celebrated my birthdate – a cool 69!

If I may, I would like to reminisce and share a little story with you.

When I was 9 we lived in a town called Crowley, LA. My Mom and Dad were early risers – up at 5 every morning. Mom had a grocery store she opened at 6a.m. The north outside wall was pained in a huge Seaport coffee sign. Dad would go out to piddle in his garden until he left for his job at 7.

In order to get up by five, they needed a start cup of coffee. That’s where I come in. At four Dad would yell out to me: “Cher, c’est l’heure pour faire du café.” Grudgingly I would crawl out from under the warm covers complaining to myself in soft, quiet whispers. I certainly did not voice my dissatisfaction aloud! At that time, the chain of command was from parent to child. No rebuttals! I thought they were cruel to have me get up so early. I just knew all of my friends were all snugly and warm in their beds.

We used a Cajun drip coffee pot – grigue a café coule. It had a small cloth bag that held the ground-up coffee beans. In a pot, the water was brought to a rolling boil, then I would pour one tablespoonful at a time over the coffee. The water had to drip completely before I could add another spoonful. It took about thirty minutes and was it stout!! I sweetened it in the pot, testing to be sure it was sweet enough (That’s when I began to like that taste), then serve it in a demi-tasse to my Mom and Dad in bed. They called this a ‘”ti geut de café” (a little taste of coffee). They would take sips, smack their lips and breathe a blissful “Ahh ca c’est bon!” Their delight made early mornings worthwhile. They loved their Seaport Coffee – dark roast. No other coffee would do.

I still get up at four and am grateful my parents gave me this gift.

I also still drink their favorite coffee – Seaport – dark roast. No other coffee will do.

Thanks for the memories,

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