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Poultry Seasoning - 3 oz

Item #: 100620
Availability: In Stock
Price: $4.28

    • A delicious blend of spices made to add a savory flavor to every bite of chicken, turkey and more
    • Perfect for marinade or rub it on just before sliding your poultry dish into the oven or onto a grill
    • Shake on for baked chicken, chicken fried steak, fried chicken and even grilled bbq chicken
    • Made for that Thanksgiving turkey dinner. The spices help bring out the true flavors of the turkey
    • Mix in for added zest in turkey gravy, stuffing, and sides like vegetables and rice
    • *NOTE - Add in for your deep fried turkey dinner, too! This flavor adds, not smothers. So make the most of it

    Ingredients: Salt, Sage, Savory, Marjoram, Thyme, Black Pepper and Red Pepper.
    TexJoy Poultry Seasoning adds extra flavor to stuffing mix for stuffed bell peppers, chicken or turkey. You've not had southern fried chicken until you've cooked with TexJoy Poultry Seasoning. Baked chicken, fried chicken, and even roasted turkey recipes are heightened with just a tablespoon. Try with your Thanksgiving Turkey, your Christmas Turkey, or Goose, or Duck or any holiday favorite. Rub generously to cook or shake and sprinkle on your plate in place of salt & pepper. Use as a flavor boost to soups, stews and gumbos.
    Additional Information
    ADDITIONAL INFO: "The Deep Fried Turkey" In November and December you can smell the irresistible aroma filling the clouds. Among the bayous and the piney woods, in the backyard patios, and the kitchens throughout East Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Southern Alabama, you can bet that families are enjoying the labor, the life, and the love that is - the Deep Fried Turkey. If you've ever had a deep fried turkey, you know that the flavor is out of this world. There's nothing else quite like it. Though a baked or roasted turkey on Thanksgiving is always appreciated, there's something to be said for a deep fried turkey. Here at TexJoy, we've heard hundreds of recipes on just how to best cook your holiday Turkey. We've tried just about all of them in our test kitchens, but none have greeted every last taste bud like a good, real, true deep fried turkey. There are lots of recipes on just how to do it. And, yes, there is some risk involved with the heat so always take the necessary precautions. Before cooking, inject the turkey with cajun seasonings and season liberally. We recommend TexJoy Cajun Seasoning as one of the primary flavors, but this Poultry Seasoning by TexJoy is an absolute must. Make every bite moist, flavorful and packed with power. As with any meat, the amount of Poultry seasoning is determined by the total pounds. If you're going to do your holiday turkey, do it right with Poultry rub seasoning from TexJoy.

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